A View of Love 4D Ultrasound Studio
A View of Love 4D Ultrasound Studio

A View of Love 4D Ultrasound Studio
3305 16th Ave SE
Suite 207
Conover, NC 28613


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Mon, Tues, and Thurs 11am-5pm


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Frequently Asked Questions

How early can you determine gender?

We can determine gender as early as 15 weeks as long as the baby cooperates. If youre planning a gender reveal party we recommend booking your appointment at least a week out in case you need to come back in due to an uncooperative baby. 


When is the best time to get 4D pictures of your baby?

This varies due to the fact that every pregnancy and baby is different. We recommend coming in around 28 weeks, and at that point we can see the size of the baby. Our goal is to make sure YOU leave with the best pictures possible, so we may end up rescheduling your appointment a couple weeks out so the baby has more time to develop fat and you leave with amazing images.


Will you be charged for follow up appointments?

If your baby is uncooperative or needs more time to grow you WILL NOT be charged for that follow up appointment. 


How many people can I bring with me, and are young children allowed?

We can comfortably fit 16 people in our room including the expectant parents. We also allow children of all ages into the ultrasound room. 


Is there anything special you should do before the ultrasound?

Try and drink as much water as possible in the 24-48 hours before your appointment. This gives us a better opportunity to get clear images of your baby. 


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